Post-season platform for DUO, FRACTAL and QUATTRO heaters

The post-season platform 350 is intended for installation outside the heating season (spring, summer, autumn) in place of the openwork platform (it extends its life). It masks and protects the tray with exchanger placed in the floor against dirt. It is perfect for trench convectors located at terrace exits and in vestibules.
The post-season platform is created by filling the empty post-season platform with the material of which the floor surrounding the duct is made. The platform can be filled in maintaining the drawing of the floor (e.g. the same arrangement of ceramic tiles or parquet staves).
At the finishing stage, the empty post-season platform can be used as a spacer during the assembly of the trench heating set – it must be placed upside down while the screed is being poured – it also protects the trench interior against dirt during construction works.


  • material: aluminium (frame and bottom)
  • standard length of one section: from 60 to 140 cm, in 10 cm steps
  • maximum length of one unit up to 140 cm
  • available in widths [mm]: 250 – SOLO, 300 – TRIOVENT, QUATTROVENT, 350 – DUO, QUATTRO, FRACTAL
  • any colour of platform frame – choice of colours: RAL K7 or anodised aluminium: four colour options


Inner height: 15,50 mm
External height: 20 mm
Frame material: aluminium
Supporting material: galvanised sheet steel


The empty post-season platform is made of aluminium and painted in a standard pearl silver colour or, according to the customer’s wishes, in any colour from the RAL K7 palette (without an extra charge); it can also be anodised in one of the four colours offered.


The platform can be filled in keeping the drawing of the floor, e.g. the same arrangement of panels.

When the post-season platform is inserted into the heating channel, two frames will be visible in the floor plane: the tray frame and the post-season platform frame.
The colour of the frame of the post-season platform can be matched to the colour of the openwork platform (bath frame) – choose the same RAL colour option or one of the four anodising options.

Any RAL colour included in the price

Colours from RAL K7 palette – powder varnish. Standard colour white – RAL 9003
Radiators in colours from the following colour chart (RAL K7) are available at list price, without an extra charge. An additional charge of 10% of the radiator’s list price shall apply to metallic colours, METALLIC version as well as convectors painted with structured paints.
The RAL K7 pattern book is available at our distributors.

NOTE: The colours displayed on the monitor may vary slightly from the actual RAL colours depending on the monitor’s parameters, therefore the presented list should be treated as indicative only! Please contact us by telephone to confirm colour matching.

Anodized aluminium platform

A separate method of coating aluminium platforms is anodising. It is an electrochemical process consisting in the creation of an aluminium oxide layer on the surface of aluminium platforms as a result of applying electric current to the platforms immersed in a solution of the appropriate acid (sulphuric, chromic, oxalic). The oxide coating partially grows into the aluminium and partially covers the anodised component.

Anodising increases the resistance of the platform surface to corrosion, abrasion and chemical agents. The profiles and the frame of the platforms are anodised.

There are four colour versions to choose from: C-0 – natural, C-31 – inox, C-33 – olive, C-35 – black, with three variants for the distance between the rungs: 7, 10 or 13 mm.

C-33 – oliwka

C-31 – inox

C-0 – naturalny

C-35 – czarny