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Selecting wall mounted, decorative, free-standing radiators and trench heaters

power calculator

In order to make the selection of radiators easy and quick, we have created an original radiator power selection calculator. How do we choose a radiator for a room in our house?

There are two steps to follow. In the first step calculate the heat loss of the room. In the second step choose a radiator in accordance with your requirements from the list presented. If you know the heat loss of the room, you can skip the first step and go straight to finding out which radiator is best for the room.

Selection of wall, design, floor and sectional radiators

Proper selection of radiators for a room is not only a matter of checking the size of the room. Other parameters such as insulation of walls, ceilings and type of installed windows and doors are also important. Better insulated houses cause less heat loss and this allows you to choose a radiator with less power. This is often associated with a smaller size of the radiator itself and thus a lower price of the central heating system.

All the above-mentioned parameters supplemented by the number of external/internal walls can be found in our radiator selection programme. By specifying these parameters, you can easily, quickly and precisely select radiators for your house or flat.